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Entry of Mark Yeow

To me, finding ways to recharge in nature, especially in Singapore, might not be easy. We are constantly on the go, having lives that are sometimes way too hectic for us. Maybe that makes us want to escape too, and it's easy to feel like lamenting our limited landscapes and scenery when we start to compare against other places overseas.

Yet, there are places in Singapore where I feel rejuvenated with every visit. The hidden beaches of Coney Island, the Upper Peirce reservoir where I remember skipping stones with my dad when I was younger, or just escaping to the urban nature in Singapore. There's something about the way in watching life pass you by that helps renew your mind. And even if we don’t have large, fanciful, natural landscapes to enjoy, these pockets of nature still provide that little escape we so crave. However small these places might be, they give me moments of more.

So whether it’s by wandering around without a plan in hand, listening to nature’s song, or finding time to daydream just for a little bit - I believe that being fully present in these little moments can help us find rest, reconnect with nature, and feel recharged.
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