Beyond cookie-cutter travel experiences,
it's often the unexpected discoveries that add magic to our memories.

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Entry of Hong Xu Ow

This series of work is curated off the idea of what it would feel like if we were to uncover the experiences of what Singapore has to offer through the lens of everyday.

By exploring themes relating to food, nature and culture — which are what we would often seek out for on vacation — these experiences aims to encapsulate the thrill of discovery.

With culture, murals are not uncommon sights in Singapore, yet they are rarely sought out for. Every piece are delicately hand-drawn by local artists, which seeks to capture a piece of Singapore's cultural heritage. They are like puzzle pieces scattered throughout this garden city.

With nature, even with limited land size, we boast a multitude of parks and natural reserves. The 300km park connectors serves as conduit for us to easily and sustainably access a vast array of Singapore's flora and fauna, and to stumble upon views hidden in plain sight.

With food, hawker centres have recently been inscribed as Singapore's UNESCO Heritage Site. While eating at a hawker is commonplace for us, the choices are ever-changing. We are always in for a treat to taste the unexpected!

These experiences are very much interweaved into our daily lives, hence, we chose to capture all these moments with just an iPhone. Most importantly, a smartphone allows us to share our recommendations in the blink of an eye. Even if they can be everyday experiences, they are unique because with every passing moment captured, you craft your own discovery. #MomentsofMoreSG #HyattContest @grandhyattsing