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Entry of Lidya Harjadi

With a myriad of activities available at East Coast Park, it is no surprise that this pier tends to get overlooked. But don’t let its reputation as a fishing pier fool you! I have never fished once, yet I love it here.

Take a walk with me along Bedok Jetty.

For the early risers, it promises the most beautiful sunrise. Oftentimes, a silhouette of a tiny aeroplane appears against the orange sky, while soft sun rays glisten over the gentle waves.

Mornings here are typically serene — birds’ chirping from the shore, the turning wheels of a bike or two, faint chatter between fishermen, the tranquil sounds of the ocean… just to name a few. Some of those who fish do come to seek a solitary moment of peace, while others are more than happy to chat or let you spectate.

Mid-mornings, the jetty and its connecting beach bustle with energy and transform into a dynamic social space. You see families and friends spending the weekend morning jogging, cycling, swimming, playing in the sand, having a picnic, leisurely strolling (or even sitting), but most importantly together.

What truly makes a place unique and important? Nostalgia plays a big part. This is where someone first chased the sunrise, caught a fish, learnt how to cycle, had a first date, built their first sandcastle, and the memories go on, from one generation to the next. I have had several happy moments here and many more to come.

I will probably be giving fishing a go one of these days, and I know just the place.

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