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Entry of Joseph Tng

No one does public housing better than Singapore. Beyond the shimmering skyline that Marina Bay Sands and Orchard Road offers, tourists can discover a true taste of what Singapore really is by touring its public housing heartlands. And boy, does such an experience uncover so many hidden gems!

Personal favourites include:

Skyville at Dawson, where amazing rooftop picnics are literally free for everyone to enjoy. I love that this estate has so much greenery, truly embodying how Singapore is a city in a garden.

8 Holland Drive, where one can view a uniquely Singaporean take on many famous pop artist pieces. This void deck gallery is a perfect allegory of the vibrancy in our neighbourhood communities.

Private dining experiences run by passionate home chefs, who open their own HDB flats to you. Their flavours are often influenced by their growing up years in Singapore, and conversations flow as freely as the multicourse meals they serve up.

The best part is that all of these experiences are within a 15-20min bus ride from each other! It makes for an authentically local half-day itinerary covering great views, beautiful art, and delicious food. Don't forget the heritage of the Queenstown neighbourhood - it was also Singapore's very first satellite town!

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